Learn Safe and Skillful Use of a Pleasure Craft

yachtmaster offshore


This course is for those aspiring to blue water cruising and is ideal for holders of the Coastal Skipper certificate who are preparing for their first ocean passage.


Unravel the mysteries of astro navigation, using a sextant, ocean passage making, worldwide meteorology and electronic navigation aids.

  • The pre requisites are all the courses shore and power up to and including Coastal Skipper and Coastal Navigation. The Yachtmaster Offshore shore component completed as well as First Aid, CPR and VHF.
  •  Minimum practical experience of 600 miles, 10 days as a skipper.
  • The course content includes offshore passage making, advanced navigation Seamanship and offshore weather.

There are two components to the course:


1.  Shore Based Component

This can be completed by at home study by working through the Yacht Master Offshore Manual and completing the exercises at the end of each module.


The minimum time required is 20 hours.


2.  Practical – On the Water

A live aboard component in tidal waters for no less than seven days including 4 night hours, 500 miles and two overnight passages. Stand a rotational navigation watch for the duration of the component.


When registered the student is certified as a skipper and navigator to be responsible for the safety of the vessel and crew, while making  offshore passages within 150 miles of the coastline, where navigational and weather hazards exist, in any conditions, at any time day and night.