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fees for course registration


At the end of each course the instructor will sign the log book and place the instructor seal on the instructor section.


The instructor will then register the student on the International Sail and Power Association website confirming that the student has passed the course taken.


The student will receive an email directing them to the International Sail and Power Association website registered payment section. The payment for the registration certificates is done through PayPal


In order for each course to be valid the course must be registered for both the shore and practical components. The shore and practical components do not have to be completed at the same time.


The student will pay for two registration certificates for each course, one for the shore component and one for the practical component.


At the same time the student will process payment for the annual membership fee to enjoy the benefits of being an International Sail and Power Association Member


Course Registration Fees


Shore Base Registration Certificate             $10 plus Tax = $11.20

Practical base registration certificate          $10 plus Tax = $11.20


General Membership if an International Sail and Power Association course is completed in that year         $20 plus Tax =$22.40

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