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Course of Competency Registration


To be awarded a course of competency certificate for any standard, both the shore-based and practical course certificates must be registered.  A registration seal issued by the Association and placed on the appropriate certificate in the student logbook provides proof of registration. 


Course of competency certification will be completed on the Association website. The certifying instructor will register the course and create a "General Membership" for students who have successfully completed a course. Subsequent to the instructor registrations, the respective student(s) are required to edit their respective general membership profile on the website, and complete the registration process. The student(s) will then be sent the respective registration seal for application on the certificate in their logbook. 


The registration of a course allows the Association to search, replace and / or confirm certification for students and Association members.  At the request of a student, proof of a registered course can be provided to third party interests such as charter boat or insurance provider.



Only a current Association member instructor can register a course and the respective students who have completed that course on the Association's Course Registry. Instructors will find the Course Registry once they log on to the Association's member website (right side of front page).


Instructor Responsibilities:
  • Upon successful completion of a shore-based or practical component of any certificate of competency the presiding instructor must ensure the student has entered the respective personal information in the student’s logbook. This information must be endorsed by a current Association Instructor;
  • The presiding instructor must enter the required information and apply their seal in the student’s logbook for the respective certificate of competency successfully completed by the student;
  • The presiding instructor will complete an course registration information form, including contact information for each successful student.  The information on this form will be used to register the course and create "general membership" for the respective students on the Association's Course Registry.
  • The instructor at their first opportunity will log-on to the Association website and register the course(s) completed by the student, and create a "General Membership" for the student(s) that has successfully complete a course. Please note: at the request of the student, an Association instructor can also register previous courses completed by the student that have not been registered with the Association. 
Student Responsibilities
  • Following registry of the completed course, and creation of General Membership by an Association Instructor, the respective student(s) will receive computer generated emails indicating where and how to complete the registration of their completed course(s). With the information provided, the student can log-on to the Association member website, review and edit their general membership profile, complete the registration and payment for their certificate(s) of competency.
  • Following payment of the course registration, a serialized decal  will be mailed to the respective student and the student will apply the seal  to the respective certificate of competency in their logbook.  Application of the seal in the logbook will complete the course registration process.