Learn Safe and Skillful Use of a Pleasure Craft

Coastal Navigation


This offers a great introduction to navigation to all who wish to sail or cruise in Tidal waters.   It's a highly informative course with lots of opportunities for you to put your new found knowledge into practice.

There are no pre requisites to this course but it is preferable to have some water experience.

Course topics include:

  • Navigation publications,
  • Converting from true to compass,
  • Plotting a fix, dead reckoning.
  • Plotting an electronic fix using a GPS latitude and longitude readings,
  • Plotting a running fix,
  • All aspects of the Buoyage system,
  • International Collision Regulations and chart symbols.

There are two components to the course:


1.  Shore Based Component

This can be completed by at home study by working through the  Coastal Navigation Manual and completing the exercises at the end of each module.


The minimum time required is 20 hours.


2.  Practical - On the Water

Minimum amount of time for the student to meet the practical standard. Practical can be part of  a Coastal Skipper if the shore base component is completed.


When registered the student is certified to navigate a crusiing vessel safely in coastal/tidal waters within 25 Miles of a safe harbour, by day using charts, a hand bearing compass, GPS and navigational aids.