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Canadian Recreational Yachting Association Membership Renewal


Please refer to "Payments" at left to renew instructor, school or general memberships. Renewal of membership requires you to complete the respective on-line renewal form and pay your membership renewal fee following the procedures provided. When payment has been processed, your respective membership card/ certificate will be mailed to the contact address you maintain on your membership profile.


First Aid Requirement

Instructors and Schools are reminded that it is their responsibility to ensure that their 1st aid certifications are current and valid. Failure to do so may impact upon your Association insurance coverage and may render it invalid.

Instructor Certification

Please be aware that instructor certification expires on December 31st of each year and is only valid while the individual maintains their membership in good standing with the Association. Instructor Insurance In order for Association instructors to be covered under the general insurance program that is currently in effect, you must be in possession of a valid instructor’s certification.