Learn Safe and Skillful Use of a Pleasure Craft

Instructor Client Fee Schedule


Length of Instructional Techniques

Phase one will be held over a two day period. It may be taken over two consecutive days or two separate days. This is held on a sail or power vessel.

Cost of Instructional Techniques

Instructional Techniques cost including the manual and examination fees as $250.00 per student on a minimum of 4 Instructor Candidates. If there are fewer than 4 participants then the total cost is shared among those taking part.


The Evaluation clinic is to be 3 days in duration for a minimum of 40 hours class and vessel time.


The Instructor Clinic is $600.00 per student for the Sail Clinic and $850.00 per student for the Power Clinic, based on 4 participants. If there are fewer than 4 participants, then the total cost is shared among those taking part. These funds are paid directly to the sailing school hosting the clinic


Certified Instructor Fee Schedule



Membership Renewal (annual) $100.00 plus GST = $105.00

Insurance (annual) $170.00 = $170.00

TOTAL = $275.00


Late Fee: (renewals received after February 29) $50.00 plus GST = $52.50.00


Instructor Evaluator

Course Fee (per day) $350.00