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Canadian Recreational Yachting Association
Who We Are About the Canadian Recreational Yachting Association

The Canadian Recreational Yachting Association is a leading nonprofit organization dedicated to the training of both sail and power techniques.

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Learn to Sail learn to sail

Enroll in our excellent sailing program and gain access to our extensive network of sailing school instructors. Learn safe and skillful use of a pleasure craft.

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Instructor Program sailing instructors

Instructors have opportunities to learn to teach both sail and power from Competent Crew to Yachtmaster Offshore with experienced Instructor Evaluators.

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Canadian Recreational Yachting Association


For Immediate Release: April 2nd 2018

Canadian Recreational Yachting Association (ISPAssociation)
Re-Brands as the
Canadian Recreational Yachting Association (CRYA.org)... Read More

The Association promotes both sailing and power boating through a coalition with our partners, member clubs and schools. We represent students and instructors alike. We work with governments, experienced sailors with thousands of miles of practical experience and sailing schools to develop courses which are recognized internationally.

Mission Statement

Canadian Recreational Yachting Association is dedicated to the training of both sail and power operators on the water with an emphasis on safe boat handling and the skillful use of pleasure craft while having fun

Our Students

Our training programs are designed to ensure that our students achieve their personal goals, whether that is to safely experience time on the water with friends and families on the weekend or to cross the oceans in the search of new adventures. For more information on Student Training visit our Learn to Sail section.

Our Instructors

Instructors participating in our sailing and power boat programs come from many diverse backgrounds and have varied aspirations. Instructors need to have a skill set which they can adapt to the type of boat and the aptitude of their students. The first step in teaching within theCanadian Recreational Yachting Associationsystem is to become qualified as a Competent Crew and Day Skipper Instructor, before moving up to the Yachtmaster Instructor qualification. Both qualifications can be taken in sail and power, and the instructor certificate will be endorsed accordingly. Click the following link for more information on the Canadian Recreational Yachting Association Instructor Program.


Board of Directors

  • President: Agathe Gaulin
  • Vice President: Stephen Nash
  • Secretary: David Almond
  • David Martin IE Coordinator
  • Eric Hameister
  • Dave Martin
  • Merion Martin
  • Ian MacPherson
Instructor Evaluators ( I.E.)
  • David Martin, Coordinator
  • Ian MacPherson
  • Dave Martin
  • Jack Dale
  • David Almond
  • Barry Messer

Let us support YOU in experiencing Boating as an enjoyable, exhilarating activity. Our instructional program will ensure you truly enjoy your next adventure on the water.

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Learn to sail. Canadian Recreational Yachting Association


Canadian Recreational Yachting Association Headquarters, Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada

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Telephone: +1 250 244-6966

9:00 am - 5:00 pm PST (from Monday to Friday)